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Complex "Dunes"Комплекс "Дюни" - Town of Primorsko

Primorsko is located near Ropotamo and the preserve. Beautiful scenery, numerous historical and cultural monuments in and around attract thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year. The beaches are very nice and well maintained, and are organized many marine attractions and entertainment. In Primorsko everyone, regardless of age and interests can find appropriate entertainment.

The history and culture of the city associated with the Thracians. In the area are open 10 necropolis, four sanctuaries and 12 dolmens.

Here is a unique sanctuary "Beglik Tash", embodying the cult of the Thracians the sun.

For lovers of fine food and parties also think. In Primorsko are great clubs and restaurants.

For those who like to enjoy cultural activities and events, Primorsko offers every year various international and traditional Bulgarian festivals and competitions, concerts and other shows naotkrito. Interesting to visit are the international festivals of opera, theater, folklore and jazz in Burgas. Optional sea and any other sports, organized tours and cruises complement the palette of delights for holidaymakers.

Organize an unforgettable holiday and share adventures and romantic moments with family and friends.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash - Primorsko

On the shore of a highway in the vicinity of the Ropotamo megalith was discovered Thracian sanctuary in 2003. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient city Ranuli. Beglik Tash appears as his sanctuary is central situated at the crossroads connecting the ancient city of Bay St. Paraskeva, Ropotamo and present town of Primorsko, which is about seven kilometers from the sanctuary. It was built in the 14th century BC and function as such until the V-th century AD.

The ancient inhabitants of the region worshiped the area and make various sacrifices was served offerings to their deities piled boulders. The priests began to build a temple on the rocky surface of the vast area / about 6 acres / next to the beach. The majority of rock formations, forming different compositions are of natural origin, but there are also processed. On some of the rocks visible signs ritual. Suspected religious rituals conducted there expressed the cult of the Thracians to the sun god and goddess mother. Stands out is "marriage bed" -big stone in the form of bed, around which has carved notches for liquids intended for ritual. There is a theory held ritual marriage ceremony between Sun God and Mother Goddess. Rock in the shape of an inverted heart was intended to conceal ceremonies by ignorant or unwanted observers. The rock composition of two vertical and horizontal scales on them symbolizes the womb of the Mother Goddess from which scientists ritual was born priest. Unique is a narrow maze formed between two high cliffs and who fails to pass it was chosen and righteous. Associated with the legend of Orpheus and his descent to the underworld of Hades.

In the rock was carved altar representing two baths associated with large stone troughs secured three seats forms the main altar and next to it is a stone throne of the chief priest. At the altar are not found animal tracks, but only of vegetable character, which evokes the thought that are carried in the victim only plants. While several studies have found evidence indicating that the rock sanctuary has performed the duties of calendar clock and observatory. Found carved holes in the rocks. In solstice and equinox sun's rays illuminate these points. The stones are arranged so that the solar shade from falling on the main altar arranged north of it formed six stone sundial, dividing the day into six parts.

During archaeological excavations have found tools, weapons, pottery, valuable coins ... The sanctuary is surrounded by picturesque scenery on the beach, situated in a magnificent lush vegetation in the reserve "Ropotamo", famous for its rare and beautiful plant specimens and the diversity of the flora. Divine nature and fascinating panorama open to the sea makes it a favorite place not only for the tourists but also for locals.

Underwater Chapel "St. Nikolay Chudotvorets"

Unique and only the first underwater chapel in Bulgaria and the Balkans - "St. Nikolay Chudotvorets." The idea is the President of the dive center "Poseidon" - Todor Popov and his colleagues. The temple is named after the saint who is the patron of sailors and navigators. Located south of Cape Maslen, 5 km. of Primorsko. By underwater chapel will get a yacht that departs from the pier of Primorsko. Near the Black Sea, next to the underwater temple has a plate with an inscription - "To tie" which is a traditional greeting of divers for an equal number of dives and exits. Attractive and interesting chapel, which is built by divers to 9:00 comprises 4 plates and is 7 meters below the water of the Black Sea. On one of the plates is the face of "Saint Nicholas" made of brass, and near it is installed and the altar of an ancient stone cross and a massive candelabra, where visitors will be able to ignite chemical sticks instead of candles church. In Chapel are placed and plates with different religious motives made of sculptor Nicola Dikov and illuminated by father Gabriel - Primorsko. The attractive church was built for various rituals, attractive parties, civil and religious marriage, baptisms, meetings, romantic birthdays and anniversaries. Diving Center "Poseidon" and local diving club in Primorsko will make your sea dives unforgettable. It is envisaged that training, instruction and equipment to visit the underwater temple. Provides underwater guide and catering for celebrations and parties. Here the tourists come from all over Europe. The safety of visitors is guaranteed by divers.

Reserve Ropotamo - nature and legends

Ropotamo Reserve is one of the oldest reserves in Bulgaria. It situated along the eponymous river Ropotamo. It combines besides various animal species and neharekternite for these latitudes forests. These are forests with high-rise structure, with a wide variety of plants, such as the equatorial forests. No less interesting are the rock formations for which many legends.

In Ropotamo Reserve live about 250 bird species, 71 of which are endangered species and participate in the Red Book of Bulgaria. If you walk along the beautiful shores of the river you will encounter beautiful lakes, which grow water lilies and marsh reeds. Here is a very rare species of flora, namely Sea wormwood, which is used in medicine to produce medicine against parasites.

Besides the beautiful scenery and flora and fauna you can see bizarre rock formations to wake admiration and provoked human imagination for centuries.

The most interesting among them is the "Lion's Head", which in 1947 was declared a phenomenon. It is a combination of many rocks that form the image in the profile of a lion's head. There are many legends about these bizarre rocks, but one of them today raises interest. It is said that at the highest point of the scale there are very deep well, which is buried treasure of gold hidden there by rebel Valchan Voyvoda who devised lured Turkish ship at the mouth of the river and got the treasure, so the fortress where the lion's head is named - Vulchanovo kale.

Another legend tells of Thracian fortress Ranuli whose patron was the great golden lion. Archaeologists have found the remains of the fortress, which prezstavlyavali medieval church and fortress walls. To see the interesting rock throughout its profile, it is best to take advantage of boating on the river. The walk takes about 40 minutes and will take you to a wonderful place where nature meets the river with the sea. We will see a variety of beautiful landscapes, and while traveling will be accompanied by interesting birds curiously watching you, hunting fish or safely perched on a dry tree will pose for a photo.

Castle Ravadinovo

Three kilometers from the right fork to Sozopol, on the way to the south of Burgas, is a fairy-tale castle. The building is impressive, unique architecture grabs the attention of passers-by it draws attention and curiosity and although still under construction many tourists stop by on your way to look at it. The interior of the castle enchants with its lush, beautifully landscaped greenery and separate attractive places with a rich interior decoration and original interior. It is entered through a massive stone gate before it descends drawbridge. Among the magnificent courtyard is a chapel, a staircase leads to the banquet hall, the walls of which are hung reproductions of masterpieces by famous artists, with heavy carved frames, and the bottom shows an underground river. In the picturesque lake swim majestic swans. It's hard to get away from this magical world.

Castle walls and ancient ruins in Sozopol

Because of the numerous monuments located in the old town of Sozopol is declared an architectural and archeological reserve in 1974. The houses in the Renaissance style were built in the late 19th and early 20th century. Very valuable is the medieval church in the monastery "St. Apostles. " There are several churches - "St. Virgin, "" St. St. Cyril and Methods, "" George "saved valuable icons and carvings erected about 20 Chapel. The reserve located art gallery, Ethnographic museum, museum in the castle wall. Is preserved medieval Christian complex in the city center. The ancient houses of two and three floors, the first is destined for industrial purposes, the foundations are made of stone and adobe walls, lined with typical wooden casing, protecting them from the salty sea air, covered with Turkish tiles.

The most attractive is the house of Marieta Stefanova built on the fortress wall. Distinguished houses, which house the Ethnographic Museum and Thracian Khan, impressive with exquisite carvings. The architectural complex "Southern Fortress Wall and Tower" combines historical monuments from different eras. In the city and beyond has opened a number of cemeteries / Sea Garden, m.Kalfata, m.Harmanite, Budzhaka /. The ancient city was surrounded by a massive stone wall from which are preserved walls reaching up to 3-4m. height and one of the towers built around 511g when Emperor Anastasius.

Ranuli fortress was built by the Thracians and gradually rebuilt, and during the Ottoman rule was destroyed. Located 12 km. southeast of the town. Sozopol is accessed by the coastal road crosses Ropotamo and going into the reserve. The town is the largest island on the Black Sea coast - "Ivan". There are traces of a Thracian sanctuary, the remains of the monastery "St. John the Baptist." Sozopol is famous for its ongoing annual festival Apolonia.

Fortress Urdoviza - Kiten

35km from Sozopol, close to the resort town of Kiten are remnants of the fortress Urdoviza. The root of the name comes from ancient Thrace, which gives reason to believe that these are the remains of an ancient Thracian settlement. Confirmation of these allegations are found artifacts from the stone anchors, Bronze Age pottery, fragments of Roman vessels. End Kiten found the remains of a tombstone with the Greek inscription from the V century BC. The oldest artifacts found in the southern Gulf of Kiten. They date from 2500-1500 BC In the late 19th century the castle was still preserved, according to archaeologists wall was about "100 yards". Near the fortress wall and found the remains of a single-nave church and remains of pots, carved into the rock. According to legend, Zeus had an affair with a mortal woman. From this relationship was born three daughters - Siza, Agatha and third Visa. One day Zeus became angry and drove his daughters, each of them based on a settlement. Siza - Sozopol, Agatha - Ahtopol and permission based Urdoviza. It is unclear when fortified wall was built, but not earlier than the XII century.

There tradition of residents of Kiten that Mary - the ruler of the castle was one breast from which fact is obyasnava name Urdoviza- Greek "munoviza" - ednogarda. The Sultan wanted to marry a ruler and thus conquer the fortress, but the condition of Mary was the Sultan to release her tax and to give her in return as many villages as you can tour a horse that goes from Urdoviza from sunrise to sunset . Maria decided to outwit Sultana as applied to various parts of the mountain nice horses. The last horse that had died and starting the walls of the fortress Urdoviza. For that North Bay is called Atliman - Bay Horse.

Waterpark - Primorsko

Aqua park Primorsko is part of the built modern sports complex located in the town. It offers diverse entertainment for adults and children built a children's playground with slides and a small pool. Great interest shower shaped like a penguin. Other slides are "Cobra", "Elephant", "Octopus", "Black Hole", "Kamikaze" and "Slow River". Around the pools are lined lounges, entertainment provide a number of attractions - steep slides, centrifuge, there are more comfortable places to enjoy the caressing sun and cool water. The waterpark operate fast food, pizza, there are several bars and shops can cool off with ice cream Rafi. At the sports complex has sports halls, tennis courts, spa.

Yacht trip around Sozopol

Sozopol is one of the very beautiful seaside towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Tourists have the opportunity to visit many different places in Sozopol. While there, lovers of diversity have the opportunity to donate a different experience with Yacht Trophy.

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We offer day cruises in the bays around Gradina camping, Sozopol, Kavaci and Fig. If you want to fasten our collective job or simply make your holiday a memorable and unusual experience Yacht Trophy is your place! Carry out teambuilding, yacht parties, weekends yacht, yacht cruises, yacht cruises, and even a wedding on a yacht. Sounds amazing, right?

In one-day voyages capacity is up to 40 passengers, the cabins are 4 bedrooms and bathrooms - 8 places to sleep. On the boat there and fishing accessories, inflatable boats with outboard engine, deck shower, kitchen and bar.

Sailed to Cape Maslen, Last deserted beach, Island St. Anastasia, Paradise Bay, a two-hour evening cruise.

Due Diving Center

DUE diving center is part of the attractions that lies Sozopol. There can not just try diving, you can get training diver and increase their qualifications.

You may experience an experience to see the amazing underwater places to touch shipwrecks to explore the underwater history of our country, to spend an unusual holiday. For the curious and those who want to reach perfection, diving center offers training in technical Gurkhas starting from beginner to technical diver diving below 100 meters. Instructors in the diving center have certificates of TDI-SDI - diving agency, which is the fastest growing in the world based in the US.

The beaches of Primorsko

Primorsko is A known for its beautiful and vast beaches. There are several beach - North, South, Central and "Pearl".

The northern beach is the largest and most attractive, with 895 m. The length of coastline offers many amenities and entertainment. They are built changing rooms, toilets, showers, has a medical center, delicious food and refreshments, there are volleyball courts, surfing school rehabilitation services.

The central beach is a continuation of the North and it offers the same attractions as in the North.

South Beach is smaller, but no way inferior to others, has umbrellas, lounges, offered photo services, boat trips with "banana", water wheels, has a water slide, cocktail bars, are provided rescuers caring for the safety of tourists.

"Pearl" is relatively smaller single beach, surrounded by fabulous scenery, thick green vegetation reaching the seashore. It is about 3 km. From Primorsko.

Beach between MMC Primorsko and Kiten

Sandy beach several kilometers long linking Primorsko Kiten. Around it were built many hotels, holiday homes and complexes. There are restaurants and tourists choose this beach take advantage of the excellent conditions, beautiful views and cool sea combined with a variety of marine attractions. The beach reaches the most famous bay - Atliman. It is preferred by tourists because of clear water and sandy shore.

beach Arcoutino

The beach area represents one of the few undeveloped beaches on the Black Sea coast. It looks like a piece of paradise where sun, sea and sand delicate part of the wilderness. On the beach sand lily grows, and from the bay is magnificent view of the island of St. Thomas, where he met the wild cactus. In the bay can often see swans and other waterfowl. The beach is located along the main road between Dune and Ropotamo Reserve. There is parking for cars and Zabad for drinks and food.